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Welcome to your one-stop resource on the Web for accurate information
on the wild and wooly world of modern religious groups and teachers.

Groups, individual teachers, ideas, doctrines, and practices may be included in this Guide because they have characteristics which fall under one or more of the following areas of concern, or have intimate connection in some way with groups or ideas which do. The overriding concern on all of these matters is that they may distract Christians from the Simplicity that is in Christ.



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Wild World of Religion: Under the Big Top     

It’s a 3-Ring Circus out there!   Keep up with the latest news and activity in the Wild World of Religion.



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The Rapture! The Great Tribulation! The Second Coming!  Could you be Left Behind?? According to many prophecy pundits, The End is Nigher than Nigh!  Prophecy Panic Button takes a closer look, evaluating the never-ending hype of prophetic speculators in light of what the Bible REALLY says.








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Careful effort has been made to give credit as clearly as possible to any specific material quoted or ideas extensively adapted from any one resource. Corrections and clarifications regarding citations for any source material are welcome, and will be promptly added to any sections which are found to be inadequately documented as to source.



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