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Please Note: Careful effort has been made to represent as accurately as possible the actual teachings and policies and practices of the individuals and groups in this collection of information. When practical, quotations from their own publications or recordings have been provided to substantiate their teachings, and documentation from public records, including news articles, has been provided to substantiate information regarding their activities. Any corrections of fact, with supporting documentation, are welcome and will be incorporated as promptly as possible.


However: No effort has been made to provide a comprehensive overview of all of the teachings and activities of any one person or group. That is beyond the scope of the purpose of this material. Every teacher and group has positive and negative attributes. Any reader who wishes to investigate these matters in more detail is referred to the bibliography and documentation sections of the various profiles. A comprehensive bibliography of all books that appear in those separate sections can be accessed with the Bibliography link in the Info tab in the navigation bar at the top of any page on the site. The documentation and bibliography sections include many books and weblinks to information--both pro and con--about most of the entries in this database. They  also include weblinks to the official websites of most of the individuals and groups whenever available.


It is not the purpose of this website to dogmatically impose opinions and evaluations on anyone--the purpose is to call attention to those areas believed to be of serious spiritual concern in the actions or words of these teachers, groups, and movements. It is left to the reader to evaluate the evidence presented and come to their own conclusions.


If you have questions or criticism regarding the content of any of the sections of this website, please take time to read the Field Guide FAQ before writing to the Webauthor. It is quite probable that you will find your question or criticism addressed in that material.


If you do choose to write, whether with positive or negative comments, please make it clear that you are responding to the Field Guide website, and mention which portion of the website you are addressing. This is an extensive website covering many topics. And the email address below is connected to a number of websites by the same author.  An email that only says something like "I disagree with your conclusions" or "I really liked the article" will be totally incomprehensible!


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