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Field Guide to the Wild World of Religion


By Pam Dewey


The American religious scene in 1955 was a very tame and predictable world. It matched the tame, predictable world of women's clothing, where most women going out shopping wore a dress with coordinating gloves, hat, and shoes. And it matched the tame, predictable world of children's toys, where almost every young girl yearned for a baby doll that said Ma-Ma, and almost every boy needed a coonskin cap. Choices of fashions, toys, preachers, and churches were limited and domesticated.


Fifty years later, the tame, predictable world of 1950s fashions and toys is long gone. Women go shopping in everything from sweatshirts and jeans to tube tops and short shorts. And both boys and girls want the latest Sponge Bob Square Pants video game. The same kind of transformation has gone on in the world of religion. It is no longer tame and predictable either.


Welcome to the Wild World of Religion of the 21st Century. Explore its habitats, identify some of the inhabitants, and learn about their characteristics and customs in this Field Guide.


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Digging Up Hebrew Roots:

 Is This the Faith Once Delivered?


By Ronald L. Dart and Pam Dewey


A growing movement of non-Jewish Christians are immersing themselves in customs, practices and beliefs of Judaism thinking that true Christianity has its roots firmly in first century Judaism. But does it? This book answers such questions as: Did Jesus embrace Judaism, or did Judaism reject Christ? When Jesus said "I will build my church" did he intend it be built on Judaism or something entirely different? Did Jesus keep the Oral Law? Was the Apostle Paul called to restore the early Christian Church to a deeper spirituality through Judaism? Will digging up Hebrew or Jewish Roots take you to a higher spiritual level–or lead you down a very dark path?


The content of this e-book version is exactly the same as the published version of the book available through bookstores.


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